Bronson HE-D Series

Bronson HE-D Series

The Bronson HE-D series is a voltage converter to step down 230V power supply to 110V.

General Info

Being easy to install the Bronson HE-D is the optimal solution to run 110V appliances on 230V electrical grids.

Multiple 110V output sockets

  • Four American sockets (type A and B)

Bronson HE-D Series

The power on each output socket is limited by a 15A circuit breaker (corresponds to 1650W at 110V).

Choosable input plugs

The Bronson HE-D can be bought with either a Schuko or a British plug.

Power switch

All models from the HE-D series come with an ON/OFF switch.

Bronson HE-D Series

The power LED will light up green once the switch is turned into the ON position. 

Overload protection

All models are equipped with circuit breakers in case the converter gets overloaded from the connected appliance(s).

Bronson HE-D Series

Cooling fan

To cool the transformer’s core when overheating due to heavy load.

Bronson HE-D Series

Soft starter

To avoid the circuit breakers from tripping due to possible high inrush current when starting the appliance(s).

Safety notes

The Bronson HE-D series is designed to convert AC voltage. These converters do not convert DC voltage.

The Bronson HE-D series does not convert frequency (in Hertz) between 50Hz and 60HZ. For most electrical appliances this doesn’t pose a problem. Nevertheless, we recommend checking with the manufacturer of your devices to ensure compatibility with both 50Hz and 60Hz power supply.