Voltage Converters

Voltage Converters

Bronson step-up converter and step-down converter are highly versatile and can be used to either convert the voltage provided from a power supply up (from 110V input to 230V output) or down (from 230V input to 110V output).

General Info
When a voltage converter is required

A voltage transformer converts the supply voltage from a power source into the necessary input voltage that allows an electronic device to work safely.

  • A step-down converter is needed when converting 230V power to 110V

  • A step-up converter is needed when converting 110V power to 230V

The voltage on the electrical grid differs between countries. For example, the United States of America operates on 110V while Europe uses 230V. When running an European appliance in North America a voltage transformer is necessary, and vice versa. Except for any dual voltage appliance which usually are designed to operate on a voltage range between 100V and 240V. A dual voltage appliance only needs an universal travel adapter.

The difference between travel adapter and voltage converter

Simply put, plug adapters don't convert voltage and a voltage transformer does.

An universal travel adapter changes the shape/size of the input plug in order to connect an appliance into different socket types. They can be used when travelling between countries with the same voltages but different plug types or with dual voltage appliances. They usually are inexpensive, small and easy to transport. 

Voltage converters are needed when travelling between countries with different voltages and on electrical appliances with single voltage. They do not change the plug type of an appliance and are more expensive than universal adapters. They are also heavier and bigger, which makes them more difficult to transport. 

Why run appliances with Bronson voltage converters

Prioritising efficiency, reliability and build quality above all else, it brings a new generation of toroidal transformers technology into a secure and robust design.

With stable and distortion free AC pure sine wave outputs Bronson voltage converters are suitable for nearly all AC electrical appliances.  

Depending on the application and the rated capacity, Bronson offers 3 different models of voltage converts.