Bronson CL Series

Bronson CL Series

The Bronson CL series is a soft starter designed to limit excessive inrush current during the startup process of electrical heavy loads.

General Info

soft starter helps to prevent electrical systems from overloading, avoiding that circuit breakers trip, and solar inverters or backup power supplies go into overcurrent protection mode.

Rated output current

Available for loads up to 30A or 50A.

European output sockets

Easily connect 230V appliances up to 16A.

Bronson CL Series

Screw terminal

The power supply must be connected to the screw terminal.

For outputs above 16A, the electrical equipment must be connected to the screw terminal as well.

Bronson CL Series

Overload protection

All the models are equipped with circuit breakers in case the soft starter gets overloaded from the connected appliance(s). When this happens the red LED will lighten up.

Bronson CL Series

Automatic switch-on

The Bronson CL will automatically switch on and the green LED will lighten up when an inrush current is detected.

Mounting rails

The Bronson CL can be mounted on walls, in cabinets, or directly on machinery.

Bronson CL Series