Bronson VC Series

Bronson VC Series

The Bronson VC series is a variable transformer designed to manually adjust and control the AC output voltage.

General Info

230V AC inputs can be adjusted between 0V and 300V AC via a variable output controller by rotating the output dial to the required output level.

Bronson VC Series
Digital display

Will indicate the output voltage with high accuracy. 

Multiple types of 230V output sockets

Smaller models are available with either a

  • European socket (type C and F) or

  • British general socket (type G)

Note: European models will be delivered with a Schuko plug power cable whilst British models will be delivered with a British plug power cable.

Bronson VC Series Bronson VC Series
Screw terminal

The bigger VC models must connect the power supply to the screw terminal inlet and the output to the screw terminal outlet.

Bronson VC Series

It's possible to connect the output via screw terminal outlet on the smaller VC models as well.

Bronson VC Series
Safety note

When connecting the output to the screw terminal outlet, It's important to wire the grounding to the Bronson VC case.

Overload protection

All the models are equipped with a circuit breaker in case the voltage regulator gets overloaded from the connected appliance(s).

Bronson VC Series
Automatic switch-on

The Bronson VC will automatically switch on when an inrush current is detected.