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Bronson TI 1500

Step up and step down voltage converter

The Bronson TI converts voltage both up (from 110V to 230V) and down (from 230V to 110V) enabling the use of appliances all over the world.

  • Max. capacity: 1500W

  • Operating capacity*: 1200W

  • Input: 110V or 230V (Plug: Schuko Type F)

  • Output: 110V or 230V (Sockets: American Type B, Schuko Type F, and British Type G)

  • Transmission efficiency: 98%

Plug Type:

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Bronson TI 1500

Product Specs

Maximum Power


Continuous Power

1200W (when operating longer than 15 min)

Input Voltage

100 - 120V AC or 200 - 240V AC

Input Connection

EU model: IEC cord with Schuko Type F plug
UK model: IEC cord with British Type G plug

Output Voltage100 - 120V AC (corresponds to half the input voltage)
200 - 240V AC (corresponds to twice the input voltage)

Output Connection
American Type B (110V)
Schuko Type F (230V)
British Type G (230V)
Transformer Type
Toroidal core
98 %
Single phase
Wave form
Sine wave, no distortion
Green LED to indicate "Power on"
Soft Start
Galvanic Isolation
Overcurrent Protection
Circuit breaker: 12A, 110V and 7A, 230V
Short Circuit Protection
Overheat Protection
50/60 Hz
Product Dimensions (H x L x W)
13.8 x 21.8 x 16.8 cm
5.6 kg

Product Dimensions


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