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Bronson MII 500

Isolation transformer for 230V appliances with step up voltage conversion

The Bronson MII creates a 230V AC output circuit isolated from both 110V and 230V AC power supply inputs with:

  • Max. capacity: 500W

  • Continuous capacity: 400W (when operating longer than 15 min.)

  • Input: 110V or 230V (Plug: Schuko Type F)

  • Output: 230V (Socket: Schuko Type F)

  • Transmission efficiency: 98%

Plug Type:

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Bronson MII 500

Product Specs

Maximum Power
Continuous Power
400W (when operating longer than 15 min)
Input Voltage
100 - 120V AC or 200 - 240V AC
Input Connection
IEC cord with Schuko Type F plug
Output Voltage
200 - 240V AC (corresponds to input voltage
or twice the input voltage)

Output Connection
Schuko Type F socket
Transformer Type
Toroidal core
98 %
Single phase
Wave form
Sine wave, no distortion
Green LED to indicate "Power on"
Soft Start
Galvanic Isolation
Overcurrent Protection
Air switch: 6A, 230V
Short Circuit Protection
Circuit breaker: 3A, 230V
Overheat Protection
50/60 Hz
Product Dimensions (H x L x W)
10.0 x 20.6 x 19.2 cm
5.7 kg

Product Dimensions


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