Bronson BPS Series

Bronson BPS Series

The Bronson BPS is a pure sine wave inverter design to provide uninterruptible power supply and quickly adapt to fluctuations and power cuts of the electrical grid.

General Info

In the event of the complete power failure BPS will run off via a battery bank and act as backup power supply.

Protection against voltage fluctuations

Automatically compensate and regulate the output voltage to protect electrical equipment from power grid’s voltage fluctuations.

Status display

The LED display will show all relevant information of the BPS features.

Bronson BPS Series

When working in battery mode the display will indicate the total battery capacity left. The total run time of the battery bank will depend on its size, as well as the power requirements of the load.

Other features displayed are:

  • Input voltage

  • Output voltage

  • If it’s normally working

  • If something is unusual

  • Overheating

  • Load percentage and overloading indication

  • Over voltage

  • Under voltage

  • Battery mode and capacity

Multiple output sockets

2x European sockets, type F to connect 230V appliances. 

Bronson BPS Series
European input plug

On smaller models, the power cable comes with a Schuko plug for easy connection to the power supply.

Battery connector cables

Black (-) and red (+) cable for direct connection to the battery bank.

Screw terminal

The bigger BPS model must connect the power supply to the screw terminal.

The output can be wired to the terminal as well.

Bronson BPS Series
Output ON/OFF button

Control when the BPS should supply power to the connected equipment (through the electrical grid or battery bank) or when to charge the battery.

Bronson BPS Series
Overload protection

All the models are equipped with a circuit breaker in case the BPS gets overloaded from the connected appliance(s).

Bronson BPS Series
Smart cooling

The bigger BPS models will cool automatically when overheating.