Bronson MII Series

Bronson MII Series

The Bronson MII series is an isolation transformer that provides maximum power stability and safety through galvanic isolation for various 230V electrical installation setups from 110V or 230V electrical grid power.

General Info

Ideal to securely repair or work on electronic equipment and prevent electric shock, the Bronson MII series is best used as a safety isolating transformer.

Step up voltage conversion

Get 230V output from either 110V or 230V power supply.

Multiple types of 230V output sockets

  • European socket (type C and F)

  • British general socket (type G)

Bronson MII Series

The power on each output socket is limited by a 15A circuit breaker (corresponds to 3450W).

Smaller models will have either an European socket or a British general socket.

Adaptable input plugs

Through an IEC input the smaller MII models allow connecting a power cable with any type of input plug. 

Bronson MII Series

European models will be delivered with a Schuko plug power cable

Bronson MII Series

British models will be delivered with a British plug power cable. 

Screw terminal

The bigger MII models must connect the power supply to the screw terminal.

To run those MII models on its full capacity, the output must be connected to the screw terminal as well.

Connecting the output directly to the terminals avoids a connection to the ground of the transformer, which will prevent electric shock. That’s why all models have a terminal connection for the output.

Bronson MII Series

Power switch

All models from the MII series come with an ON/OFF switch. Bigger models come with two ON/OFF switches, one for 110V and another for 230V input.

Bronson MII Series

The power LED will light up green once the switch is turned into the ON position.

Mounting rails

Allows to vertically wall mount or horizontally fix the transformer to the ground.

Overload protection

All the models are equipped with a circuit breaker in case the transformer gets overloaded from the connected appliance(s).

Bronson MII Series

Cooling fan

To cool the transformer’s core when overheating due to heavy load (only for MII 4500, MII 6000 and MII 8000 models).

Soft starter

To avoid the circuit breakers from tripping due to possible high inrush current when starting the appliance(s).

Safety notes

The Bronson MII series is designed to convert AC voltage. These converters do not convert DC voltage.

The Bronson MII series does not convert frequency (in Hertz) between 50Hz and 60HZ. For most electrical appliances this doesn’t pose a problem. Nevertheless, we recommend checking with the manufacturer of your devices to ensure compatibility with both 50Hz and 60Hz power supply.