Isolation Transformers

Isolation Transformers

Bronson isolation transformers are designed to provide maximum power stability, safety and efficiency.

General Info
What an isolation transformer is

An isolation transformer provides power to electrical equipment through galvanic isolation from the power supply source. 

It can be referred to as a safety isolating transformer since by creating a secondary circuit (load) isolated from the primary side (source) it enhances safety when testing or repairing electrical equipment, preventing electrical shock. Another advantage of isolation transformer is to provide protection against electrolytic corrosion in marine environments.

Why choose Bronson isolation transformers

Their ultra efficient and silent toroidal transformers, made with high grade silicon steel, achieve maximum transmission efficiency (98%) with very low noise and resistance.

Solid product quality allows Bronson isolation transformers to be installed in rough environments as in marine and RV applications. 

For travelling applications, Bronson isolation transformers offer models which can simultaneously work as a step up voltage converter or a step down voltage converter.